PMJS Guidelines


PMJS’s main function is to serve as a platform for serious scholarly discussion and the hosting of publications on topics related to premodern Japan. We also welcome the dissemination of information relevant to the field such as new publications, conferences, workshops, and job announcements. Commercial functions and advertising are discouraged.


Most PMJS members are academics and graduate students working in the fields of early Japanese art, art history, literature, history, culture, language, and religion. The group, however, is open to anyone with serious interest in premodern Japan and we welcome people from all fields working on all periods. To become a member or update membership registration details, please see the Membership page.

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Listserve Posting and Content

Only members of PMJS can initiate and reply to listserv posts and all posts are sent to all members. By becoming a member of the PMJS listserv, you agree to the following terms:

  • In line with the group’s professional objectives, members should post conservatively, limiting participation to carefully considered, scholarly, and relevant comments;
  • All posts to PMJS should be scholarly, civil, and related (in some way) to premodern Japan;
  • Discussions should not be silenced through intentional derailing, personal attacks, or condemnations. It is natural to not be interested in some of the discussions, but it is not acceptable to censor or halt discussions. The use of slurs, ridicule, or other offensive language is also not acceptable. Members who are disturbed by a post should not respond via the listserv (that itself would be a violation of the preceding guideline.) Instead, contact the list editors ( who will take steps to handle the issue.

The messages of members who violate these terms will be moderated, meaning that their posts may not be shared with the list.